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100hp per liter SAE from stock S14-B23 2.3

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    Please keep me posted I love the idea

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  • First E30 M3
    started a topic 100hp per liter SAE from stock S14-B23 2.3

    100hp per liter SAE from stock S14-B23 2.3


    For those who are interest. I want to share some data.

    I decided to push a stock engine and see how much power S38-B35 can produce and find the limit. Okay okay not really a direct meaning that std just how it came from the factory. I will describe the Bolt-On parts I have installed and we will take it from there.

    -Intake and exhaust custom grind profile based on the cyl head flow I have.( I work with grinder and I love the freedom of making any custom profile I want to try )
    -long tube headers.
    -I custom 3D printed velocity stacks.
    -Hi flow exhaust system (S85 Catalyst converters but placed way behind the trans to reduced back pressure)
    -Haltech Engine management. coil-on-plug
    -Large plastic intake box, same as S14 CF.
    Everything else is all bone stock

    I will skip the details with numbers with the given parts above I upgraded.

    The dyno I am using is Dyno-Jet. I have taken number of bone stock E34M5s and they show all 265rwhp+/-. Factory don't lie with HP US 3.6 M5 is rated 311SAE Crank HP. There are 2 ways to calculate the %. 311-265=46hp is how much loss we have. 46 divide by 311 = 0.147x100=14.79% drive train loss from factory. Or 311-14.7%=265. So the Dyno-Jet I am using has 14.7% drive train loses this is stone set. I have taken also number of E46M3s absolute stock with stock file and the power is right at 280-283rwhp. On the same exact dyno US E30M3 2.3 bone stock made 165rwhp.US S38-B35 makes 256 SAE Crank hp. On the same dyno one of my bone stock E24M6 makes 224rwhp.

    Whit the S38-B35 3453cc I was able to pull 345 HP at the crank SAE or 345-14.7%=294rwhp. 345 hp crank is exact 100hp per liter. This comes to about 57.5hp per cylinder. S38 3.5 has 9:8CR, bore is 93.4mm and stroke is 84mm 144mm rods. (I will come back and try another cam timing setting and see if I can get few hp more)

    So basically from std M6 rated at 256hp crank I gained 89crank HP. The reason of gaining that much power is the limitations it comes which are same as on the S14 since its sharing same components.

    US S14 2.3 is basically S38 B35 -2 cylinders. 93.4mm bore 84mm stroke, valves are identical intake exhaust.

    US S14 2.3 comes with 10.5CR (if memory serves me well) and that will add a bit more HP on the table compare to having 9:8CR as on S38-B35.

    Both of these engines are very alike S14/S38-B35.

    I am a firm believer that I will able to pull out 235hp-240hp with the same parts (I used in my S38B35) out of bone stock S14-B23 2.3 which is just right at 100hp per liter at the crank SAE.

    On S14s S38s to achieve exact 100per liter one does not need to open the engine for complete bottom end and head work.