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Let's talk vacuum port on valve cover......

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    Unless you have deleted the ICV, you need that hose connected and functioning. That hose has nothing to do with crankcase ventilation or oil drainback. Any hoses associated with the ICV are part of the intake tract and are monitored by the DME.

    If you don't use the ICV, then block the fitting off as it is not seeing any crank case pressure, or vacuum.

    I imagine you could delete the ICV, then add a couple of 19 Ohm resistors to simulate an amperage buffer for the transistors in the DME. Whether or not an open ICV connector messes up the transistors in the DME, I don't know, but I would make sure that I don't inadvertently fry the transistor and end up with the loping idle and drivability hassles. There is probably some alternative adaptive function in the DME but that may concern trimming the fuel mixture:lostme:



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      Just adding the part number for the breather filter I used. KN 62-1110, but I think 62-1120 might be a better choice.


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        Anyone have pictures of this modification?
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            Nice strut bar!
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