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Exhaust help needed, before purchasing

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  • Exhaust help needed, before purchasing

    I'm looking into getting exhaust for my 90 M3.I have never heard any aftermarket exhaust on a E30 M3.I'm wondering whats the best. I have been researching this for a while, I dont want to make a mistake.I dont want something ricey sounding,I dont want something to quiet or something to loud either.I want something deep sounding.I have listening to the different exhasut on here but it really doesnt tell me anything they all sound the same to me.Any suggestionsI have been thinking about Supersprint or Borla.Any bad experiences with Dtm tips?Thanks for the help

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    This is the one they are all raving about over here. Have a look.


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      i love my borla. it was a little loud at first, but i got used to it. sounds very deep and good. not ricey in any way.


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        why dont you check out the sound clips on the home page of this site , and pic wich you like the best , the borla with no cats is my car , and i love it .:cool:


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          the clips all sound alike

          All of the sound clips all sound alike to me


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            Re: the clips all sound alike

            Originally posted by nviousbmw
            All of the sound clips all sound alike to me
            here if you go to this page , you can download the vid of my car and realy here what it sounds like the clip is called (Sakis rain freestly) or i think this is the link of the vid maybe .,
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              evo2trela what exhaust?

              What exhasut is that that helped out alot.