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Sport Evo Wheels + Toyo 225/45-16 Wheel Rub

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  • Sport Evo Wheels + Toyo 225/45-16 Wheel Rub

    Hey everyone,

    In the process of completing…well furthering (are these cars ever really complete? ) a decent Sport Evo tribute build with a 2.5L M3.

    Bought and mounted the period correct sized tires (225/45-16) on OEM Nogaro 16” Sport Evo wheels.

    The front wheels rub on the front of the tire against the plastic fender liner — is this common? I’ve searched the forum through and through, so I apologize if somewhere under some term answers are hidden — but everything I did find indicated this shouldn’t be an issue.

    I’d really rather not remove the fender liners at the front - but wondering what might be causing this, and what my options are at this point.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is your car lowered? Reason I ask is because I have those wheels and tires on my Faux Sport EVO with stock suspension, and I have no rubbing.
    Ron ///Man

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      Thanks for confirming it’s at least possible. I need to check if it’s lowered or not, there is non-factory front suspension in it (previous owner) but how much lower it sits than stock I will need to see.

      My other E30 M3 unfortunately has Ground Control in it, so not stock but I will swap it out with those wheels and see if it’s the same outcome.

      At the very least thanks for confirming it’s indeed possible.


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        Sounds odd. I'm running them on my E30 M3 Convertible and E30 M3 coupe with stock suspension with no issues. But I also have a Italian 320is Replica (started as a E30 318is) that runs a 5 lug E30 M3 ground control coil over suspension that no rubbing issues.

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          How do your fender liners look? My front left is a little wavy and rubs on turns. Not the same wheel, but I mention because most people don't have the problem with the same offset/wheel.


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            what model year is your car?
            the late M3s all have these 7,5x16 ET27 with 225/45/16 BUT they are also using eccentric wishbone rubber mounts to get the wheel more to the midlle

            non eccentric






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              Today I had a short moment and measured the old wheels and tires (17”) versus new wheels (and tires) - the new setup is almost exactly an inch bigger in diameter.

              The fender liners themselves are in great shape, where it’s rubbing is in the very front on the splash guards (both sides) that run vertical and are roughly 5”x8” in size.

              Markus - you bring up a super good point there and that is what it almost seems like. The model year in question is a 89’ and my other is a late 91’ - I’m going to lift it later and see how the bushings are…I feel like this is what I’m describing. It all just feels like 1/2” (a guess) too far forward.


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                Hey everyone,

                Today I went out and did some measurement and comparison between a 91’ M3 and the 89’ M3 which this (rubbing) wheel setup is mounted on.

                I pulled the front wheels (16”, ET27, Sport Evo) and put them on the stock 91’ (which has Ground Control suspension), whereas I confirmed the 89’ is original BMW suspension.

                There was about 1/2” of clearance to the front of the splashguards at the worst / tightest point, but never any signs of rubbing on the 91’ M3.

                BOTH cars have eccentric FCAB and they are aluminum on both cars. I personally have never replaced or changed them, so I can’t comment whether they are OEM E30 or not.

                I also took some measurements from relatively common points on both cars (with the same rims) and measured 4.5” from the back of the front fender to the outside of the rim on the 91’ M3 (that doesn’t rub).

                These same wheels on the 89’ M3 (that rub) measured a little over 5” in the same points — essentially leading me to think that the wheels sit ~1/2” further forward on the (rubbing) 89’ M3, than the 91’ M3 I test fit them on.

                In reading about this topic of rubbing wheels, it sounded like a common upgrade/fix was to put E36 M3 FCA on the E30 M3 to move the wheels forward by ~1/2” to keep them from rubbing on the “backside” (door side).

                I checked high and low and only found a few cast numbers (794 on the left side, 795 on the right side) of the FCA’s on the 89’ (rubbing) M3. Can anyone confirm if these are the E30 ones, or if these are actually the E36 FCA—and may be the reason for the wheels rubbing? Or have any other thoughts or ideas?

                Thanks again.


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                  I think there is something screwy with your lollipops.
                  Post up some pictures of the lollipops.
                  It is 100% possible to install the offset bushings backwards and really mess up the wheel placement.
                  jimmy p.
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                    Sure thing - here is one of them…the other matches that one (but mirrored).


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                      Well thats not it, I was hoping for some smoking gun there with improperly installed bushings, but that is the correct orientation to how they should be installed.
                      I have 16 x 8 BBS w/ 225 / 45 - 16s on both of my street cars and no rubs anywhere. Both cars are lower than stock ride height with H&R sport springs.

                      Also I forgot to mention the only alloy control arms available for E30s are E30M3 fitment.
                      No E36 fitments were ever offered in alloy only steel, so if you have alloy, you have E30 parts.
                      jimmy p.
                      87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
                      88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
                      88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
                      92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
                      98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
                      04 Ford F350 - V10


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                        Could it be an issue with top hat orientation, or wrong upper strut mounts?


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                          Hey everyone,

                          Today I had some time to dig deep(er) into this and have some corrections and errors I made earlier.

                          The front strut assemblies are obviously or indeed OEM…but the top strut mounts are K-MAC adjustable camber plates. I’ve read that these are not exactly great quality, or performance so I’m replacing these with standard OEM BMW top mounts to see if that will make a difference.

                          If that doesn’t fix it - I guess I’m back at square one sort of. Is there anything left that would dictate the position of the actual wheels (caster and/or front to back positioning) relative to the car?


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                            Toyo's, Federal and Yokohama's run "big." Meaning that they tend to be bigger than other manufacturers of the same size. Same issue regarding 235/40/17 on our cars. Some rub and some don't depending on the tire.

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                              Today I replaced the shock towers ("hats") with original OEM BMW hoping that it would move the wheels "back" further to the rear of the car, fixing the rubbing issue. It didn't do anything, and perhaps even made it slightly worse (measuring 1/4" further forward than the old shock hats did).

                              I'm at loss how / why the 1991 M3 can fit these exact same rims/tires and why the 1989 M3 rubs (badly) at the front of the car. It's measuring practically 1/2-3/4" further forward on the 89' than the 91'. I'm somewhat stumped.

                              Is there orientation to OEM top hats? I notice the groove / indent on them, but I wasn't 100% sure any more for these cars.

                              Also, I’ve been reading a lot how 96+ E36 M3 control arms and offset CAB move the wheels forward. How do I confirm or reference which control arms I have on the car?

                              Any help is appreciated on this nagging issue keeping me from enjoying it...