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Rough Couple Weeks ... RIP Rudy and Eric

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  • Rough Couple Weeks ... RIP Rudy and Eric

    Hasn't been a good couple of weeks for E30 M3 enthusiasts with first Rudy (Mr. 993) dying due to COVID a couple weeks ago and now EAG Eric dying in a motorcycle crash.
    Both were very passionate members of the E30 M3 community and did a lot to help preserve these cars that we all love so much.
    I only met both of them a couple of times, but both were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, not to mention just good overall guys.

    RIP Rudy and Eric
    1984 E30 323i Euro (sold)
    1985 E30 325e (sold)
    1988 E30 Henna/Black 2.5L
    1988 E30 Macao Evo2 #330
    2014 F31 328i Sportswagon
    2017 F80 M3

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    Never interacted with Rudy but watched his videos and came off as a real good dude and whole hearted family man. sad ending.
    Had a few interactions with Eric K and the guy was just full of knowledge, very enthusiastic especially when it came to the E30's, he was only 39 and knew more about these cars than some of us older Gents. A huge loss to the community.

    RIP to 2 great enthusiasts!


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      Much sorrow and love to their families and friends


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        I fortunately had the opportunity to finally meet Eric in person on the way to the M4 GT4 M school at Indy. He invited us over to his campus and gave us a 4 hour tour. Despite some contentious forum run in's in the past we became fast friends. Eric's passion for life was undeniable and contagious.

        Rudy was also one of a kind. I bought my 993S in 2017 and quickly reached out to Rudy. I had heard of him and had seen his videos but never expected him to answer my PM. That led to a quick friendship as well with multiple threats of us meeting either in WDC or Houston. We never go to meet up.

        Get out and meet your car friends, drive your cars as much as possible. For the past 3 days I've been driving the M2 CS and the LTW. Next up are the E30 M3's.

        If there is something both Eric and Rudy have taught us it's em like you stole em.

        E30M3 is a Legend