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Steering wheel play

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  • Steering wheel play

    How much play is acceptable? When the car is parked I can get about an inch of play left and right before it tightens up and the wheels want to turn. When doing over 100kph if I let go of the wheel or loosen my grip it bounces around like crazy but I can muscle it and hold it pretty still. Annoying though. I'm ordering new control arms, tie rods and sway bar bushes, but being able to get this movement at standstill makes me think it's an issue in the linkage. Any thoughts? I see others have had similar shaking wheel issues in the past and it's always hard to diagnose.

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    Have you had the wheels off for a balance possibly check for bad flat spots and bent rim at the same time, hopefully that will fix the steering wheel shaking.
    The inner and outer steering rack joints are well worth checking for play when stationary there should be no detectable play in the joints.
    I would have to check mine tomorrow see if there is any play but it depends on how hard each person moves the wheel.

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      Yeah wheels balanced. Refurbed rs's with new tires. All the bushes and seals are in a sad state and will be replaced but because it moves so freely in park with very minimal force makes me think it's closer to the steering wheel but it could well be the combination of all the worn parts together.