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Temp Gauge Problem

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  • Temp Gauge Problem


    My temp gauge goes up to blue and does not go up any further. Obviously the engine gets hot high aux fan kicks in, but gauge needle still on blue.

    I took out the instrument cluster and cleaned the gauge fittings, washer etc. Did continuity tests on the circuit and manually triggered the gauge with 1.5v, all looks good.
    Water Temp sensor is almost new and good. Speed, RPM and Fuel gauges are working ok.

    One suspect is that SI batteries read 1V, not 3. I think this is because the car did not run in the last 5 months of engine restoration, I am not sure if it will get charged back to 3V and this will fix the problem.

    Any suggestions?


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    Let me share with you how I fixed it. I just wired two new batteries to the SI board, I did not replace the existing ones as they were not leaking and I did not want to do soldering. Problem gone.