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BMW to produce more e30m3 box fenders

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    And then there's the shocking quality of some stuff they have reproduced !!


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      Originally posted by Ironhead View Post
      It kills me how BMW talks a good game about "Mobile Tradition" and support for classic BMWs. It's basically BS. It is getting to be extremely difficult to get parts for one of the most iconic of all BMWs ever made.
      BMW is now a plastic brand, I question how many people on this board actually dd a current model bmw.


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        Originally posted by Westopher View Post
        Oh I know, but BMW also didn't release info to the world about parts coming back into production. You can't even get floor mats these days, for any cars, or cars for that matter.
        the flat crappy euro floor mats are still available as a worst case


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          Originally posted by Konig View Post
          I’m not sure why BMW and some other OEs are not on the ball with this. There is big money to be made on dummies like us who want OE parts to keep our cars on the road. Porsche is out there developing sleek head units with modern functionality…

          That said, Nissan is putting out new/old parts for the GTR, giving them a new part number under the Heritage program tag, and charging $450 for a rubber intake elbow. So… somewhere in the middle please?
          Porsche is actually really good with their classic products, and the new porsche classic stereo with gps is also pretty cool. Mercedes is great with their ability to replace any part on any vehicle they've ever sold (but for a hefty price). I think it's just bmw and audi that do this. BMW is not the brand it used to be, nowadays they're just worried about selling more cars than mercedes, no love for the e30s or classics in general.