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Turner Motorsport 2.5 stroker rebuild kit problem

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  • Turner Motorsport 2.5 stroker rebuild kit problem

    Hi everybody. It’s my first time posting on this site. So please bear with me. I just recently had my 2.3 S14 motor rebuilt. I use the Turner Motorsport 2.5 stroker kit. I also put in the performance Schrick cams and spring. Has anybody have use this kit before? And if so did you have any problems with it?
    So here’s my problem. The motor will not idle correctly. It’s idols at like 650 RPM. Just on the verge of stalling. I have replaced everything on the motor. Everything is new. New idle control valve, fuel pump, fuel regulator, all the rubber fuel lines and fuel filter. I have a new distributor cap and rotor by Bosch. I have new spark plug wires and new plugs.
    For some reason I cannot get the car to idle correctly. When you first started up it idles fine for about a minute. Then the idle drops down to about 650 RPM. Just on the verge of stalling. I tried adjusting the idle valve that is in between the throttle bodies. It does absolutely nothing. You screw it all the way in and then screwed all the way out. And nothing changes.

    Has anybody ever had this problem before? If so can you please share your fix on it.
    thank you

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    If I were a betting man, I'd say you have an intake leak somewhere. That's usually the case when you turn the idle air mixture screw between the TB's and nothing happens to the idle. Get the intake smoked and you'll find the leak pretty quickly.
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      Hey Ron. that’s pretty much what I thought in the beginning. I checked everything. I did not put it on a smoke machine yet. But I have replaced all the rubber hoses that are involved with the idle control valve and iintake. I have even replaced the little O-rings in the idle screw assembly. I have replaced every hose line sensor, everything on the motor is brand new. But I will try and get it smoke to see if that’s the issue. Thanks for the input.


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        What engine management are you running? Stock Motronic, MAXX, stand alone?

        Sounds to me than once the engine is past the the cold start phase, the valve is closing off.

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          Hi, Just wondering with the key in the on position engine not running if there is a buzz from the ICV, you may have to listen very closely or touch it with a screwdriver etc to hear/feel it.

          It may be a case of re setting up the throttles, the 4 air bypass screws 1 turn from fully in, idle switch clicks when throttle shaft slightly moved etc.
          Usually the big brass idle screw make a lot of difference, I think mine is like 1 1/2 turns from fully down.

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            what chip are you running? Unplug the O2 sensor and see if it brings it up any with the richer open loop map. Unless you have a custom ship, I am not sure what off the shelf chip would run with the 2.5 bottom end and shrick cams?