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Full rebuild - Checking and sourcing parts

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  • Full rebuild - Checking and sourcing parts

    Hi all,

    I've had my M3 for around 3 years now and it was heavily modified when I bought it. It's just gone in to be dismantled, restored and built up as "OEM+". Basically everything will go back to standard apart from rear seat removal and retrimmed in a clubsport look, recaro front seats, standalone DTA ECU, exhaust, KW V3s and upgraded brakes.

    We've started dismantling and noticed a gap around the edge of both the front and rear glass.

    I'm pretty sure this has shown that the front was incorrect and is a standard E30 screen.

    But as for the rear, there seems to be a seperate, different M3 part number (51311933988). But how does this differ? Should it also have a bonded seal?

    We can't find any identifying marking that show it's standard E30 rear glass.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Sean,

    For the E30 M3, both the front and the rear glass are unique to the M3. You can't fit standard E30 glass to the windshield without modifying the opening of the car. Not something you would want to do given the OEM+ direction you're headed. Probably not a good idea period.

    Have fun with the project !


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      Thanks for the reply. Any pointers as to how to differentiate the rear screen.

      it may well be an M3 screen but want to check.



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        This was it just before dismantling


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          Hi Bezabaza,
          The rear glass for the M3 has a different part number than the rest of the E30's. It is bonded to the body the same as the front glass.


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            Here are the markings from the glass in my '89. Most of the info on these markings ("bugs") are related to manufacturing standards/specs. I "think" the "M" number may be unique to the M3 but you should check with a local glass shop to be sure. It's unlikely that your car has standard E30 glass. The back glass is completely different due to the different C pillar and rear window angle. The front would require mods and just doesn't offer any advantages, only extra work. Can you post a picture of the "gap" that you're seeing on your car ?

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              sorry, just found out that the M number is not vehicle specific