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Main And con bearing selection

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  • Main And con bearing selection

    Hi guys. My car has around 120mi. Gathering the parts for a futur stock rebuilt . What bearing do you guys recommend ?
    not high performance just stock . Coating or not ?

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    I chose glyco/General Mogul for my s14 rebuilds


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      anyone have experience with kolbenshmith or glyco for main bearings?
      witch one is better?


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        The problem with the question of which are the better bearings is that it is impossible to compare brands under the same test conditions. No one has run two identical (aside from bearings) in identical conditions for and identical period of time. There are too many variables.

        What there are, is manufacturer claims and anecdotes.

        I rebuilt my engine (2.5, JE pistons, Grp A head 292/284 cams) with stock bearings and it has been fine. That is my anecdote.

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          We have used original, glyco and ACL "hx" bearings for years.
          Stock, track, rally and turbocharged engines.

          I think all the known brands are ok, but choose the bearings according to what is the desired clearance depending on the application or recommendation.

          Remember to check the oil pump clearances. I have found a few new original pumps where the clearances were too big or too small!


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            Anyone use 2002 bearings? The tabs are thicker
            David Hellman


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              I have used 2002 rod small end bushings since BMW has not made any rod small end bushings available. You have to machine the oil groove in them.

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            Hi Ertech,
            The bearings will not be a problem as long as they are not NLA. What will be a problem is if some of the parts you need are NLA. And you should know the bore wear before deciding on what pistons you will need. Unfortunately, BMW, unlike some other brands, have not made all the parts for older models; perhaps that is their way of selling more new cars.


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              I am going to rebuild it this winter , Quebec is under a night curfew need something to do and don't know when last time engine was opened or if it has ever been opened .
              when using plastigage do you put a strip on the 2 bearing shells of the main and rod?
              I sent the rod and mains to calico to coat . I just hope my engine is standard size ,


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                If you use Glyco standard bearings you won’t go far wrong. They are what BMW sells at the dealers. I struggled to find anyone who had any in stock last year and the dealers were charging twice the price as motor factors.


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                  I guarantee you that you will not get any credible information as to which bearing is "better". Use the one that has the correct clearance and you feel good about.