So I leave my M3 parked up and drivers door in the deadlock position, all very good until recently I returned to unlock the door and found the key incredibly hard to turn like the key was going to snap and when I did unlock it the door popped open to the first latch at the same time.

Some lube in the key hole and a few tests found it gritty and still stiff but not as bad.
Over the last year I have collected up some parts for the door and window system for a refresh so good reason to get busy now.

I ordered a new lock o/h kit, main door lock, solenoid and the plastic grommets for the lock rods some from ebay and some from Pelicans

The door key lock overhaul kit p/n 51219061343 is basically a new lock completely disassembled with all the parts except the rubber gasket which I swapped over from the old lock.

Oven tray and towel come in handy.

Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLWPiuQGSwZwZexJ4uMxQBcVhFze4OhJtXOnKrd02Qp1OW0kwuJ5HccvDjcw3oopQ-aGOKiGirQoWbvykoH0Opb2gxhpkZu_C876dV9_VQic8492-yVC_TWTTICdNfp56gUg3b15BGBu58s0K9Az3cPU=w1792-h1344-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	434.9 KB ID:	1307656

Some where not shown in this photo there is a small roller which goes inside of the 90 deg arm.

Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLXO8l0Vgeb5QEXWJqwVx7HgUPgoCK3GNtnznmkctO1VujyRDRDQFXL1HY9F9s6kNjHIJGs_dJDk75sqRR1U-TggztiS850fzCKhCmaUXft_EuNjv_IYi7wBnukSyN_qUFiP9K2WJAVBqrIsBsX_ZRqF=w1792-h1344-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	717.4 KB ID:	1307658

In the kit are two bags of lock plates they are numbered 1 to 4 in each bag.
The inner 4 lock plates have to be the narrow “S” type this allows the lock to turn through to the dead lock position.

The way to work all this out is install a spring and S lock plate then the key and keep working through the 1-4 numbers until the lock plate is flush with the key cylinder.
Then it is a matter of slowly removing the key keeping the previous lock plate contained in your fingers and installing the next one.

Click image for larger version

Name:	OtDnzPoBI6d78CEzHGWW96UgN2FVW5c-21v19E5-UP84W1f3Yx1pnizOCAHzGTRE03QMFI-3ldMS8ZSW1gNCGBnf02Ic4je-Zc8rzXGI8a_qruz8X2N7GAkdZF3uIo2x0ry6GcLl85aIhyhK6G9lqhVlryFAz1OpULMzW-szvJp415jROnDETaHc_ZBakgjBcWh-qMMBREK0-zIMZiYziuBtaGzCCRPYOVEKjk5NeQx-ErY4_zfJ5LqZakpCPKP
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Then just slowly try pieces of to puzzle until it looks correct.

Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLUssF7B-6m8WaLhmqtJ32YuESOitvupZjb-CRcGBgNHMIRiib5Cg4MxzFI0PAa82KLtTcmdO-FyQ002rC60COW5KTbjV42zlpL0Q6WlriE_eUSQx_K0Ta7lBs0GVmbSUq1HP4fhTqPXUUwG3KXxD3oc=w1792-h1344-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	404.5 KB ID:	1307659The nail is for testing purpose until I was happy then in went the roll pin

Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLVAGTi5KYaU4oKMM0PpRJ2PKvbdP8PQ1lqb0so36ov2MffvMqe6kSRo90v-zOMq_YTO_m3mFoSl7xaG_-z9DHQ_tyjNxAJLj26EsF2nUMB6ayopL6AsIzB2tCT51_GLVvboeByrPNblMkLUFUQLdrCF=w1008-h1344-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	226.3 KB ID:	1307661