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Help Red/Blue Bearings?

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  • Help Red/Blue Bearings?

    Hi All
    Having some trouble with crankshaft bearings.
    Have a new 2.3 crank, secondhand block, BMW listing Blue or Red 55.00 0 bearings,dont know what to order.
    Main BMW dealer: dont know, BMW classic: No Reply, SCHMIEDMANN No reply, HUBAUER: Garage accross the road and so i could'nt be arsed to find out!
    All i have is an engine no., no chassis no. HELP PLEASE

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    You MUST measure! No one can help you without measurements. If you can't do that, then you should not be building the engine! The S14 is too valuable for guesswork. You get the bearing clearances wrong and you could quite easily destroy the engine! I recommend you take it to someone who can do proper measurements and assembly.
    Ron ///Man

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      Thanks for that, now answer me this: 1121066610 RED 55,00 mm (0) 11210666115 BLUE 55,00 mm (0)
      What is the difference between these because this is the size i need!

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    There is difference between clearance.
    As Ron told, You must measure each journal clearances and choose suitable bearing for desired clearance.


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      There is in the overhaul manual a diagram explaining the bearing colour/size differences, the Blue bearings give less oil clearance.

      One method.
      If you have two new Red shells you could install them in the block bearing cap do it up tight and measure the internal clearance, then measure the corresponding crank journal and work out oil clearance. If too much clearance one new Blue shell can be installed in the “cap” to reduce oil clearance, seen the overhaul manual for better explanation.

      Also the new crank should have painted Red or Blue at the crank journals meaning start with this colour, or am I thinking condos and block bearing caps?

      If in doubt start your quest with Red.

      Ultimately like Ron said you still have to have the means to do the measuring as minimum starting point for engine build, it does not cost very much to have crank, rods and pistons assembled to short block assembly. I have had this done plenty of times when too busy to allow time for engine assembly.

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        Thanks very much Dave, thats the information i'm looking for.
        Yes red spots on the crank, so realy need to order both red and blue and go from there.


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      Dave has covered it quite well. If you read up on how to use platigauge. Buy red bearings to start with (99% of the time they will be right -but you must check and not assume). Install the red bearings and measure the clearances using plastigauge to see where you are with clearances. If they are within tolerance then you’re ready to go. If the clearances are on the loose end of clearance then try blue bearings. Have a look at xworks rebuild thread. He goes through the measuring bearing clearance procedure quite well iirc


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        Thanks Kundiboy, have learned a lot over the last few days.
        Schmiedmanns email me today with more info.