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Cam gear machining

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  • Cam gear machining

    Anyone know how wide the holes need to be machined to make cam gears adjustable? Don't want to get too much taken out.

    I have ordered the motorsport ones, but I am not sure they are still available.

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    Basically you want to be able to move the cam gear the range between two teeth. Can't remember how many teeth it has but let's say 72 teeth. In that case the swept angle of your elongated bolt hole would have to be 360/72=5 degrees. So 2.5 degrees either side of the current hole.
    If the center of the bolt hole sits at radius r, then the arc to achieve the above swept angle would be 2•pi•r/72 and Half that either side of the volt hole.

    One tooth turning range is enough as you just turn the cam one tooth with the chain lifted away from the gear should you need to turn the cam gear more than 1 tooth.


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      I went for 6 degrees when I did mine. Worked fine. My new cam gears were case hardened, so I had them spark eroded.


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        FWIW, I had mine modified by