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No Start after Intank fuel pump Replace Goss 291

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  • bgoM3
    With the corrections I made, the pressure at the rail is now 3 Bar. All is good.

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  • hardtailer
    6 bar fuel pressure is way above spec of 3.0 bar /43 psi.
    It was an indication something was amiss but having that pressure after you modified the pump to make the engine run I'm inclined to think something wrt return flow is still not aok...

    Return flow at the fuel tank should be around 700cc in 30 sec with fuel pressure at the rail inlet at 3.0 bar.

    Good trouble shooting skills nonetheless finding the source of engine dying!

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  • Mick
    Wow, what a headache. Glad you got it sorted though. Thanks for the info

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  • bgoM3
    started a topic No Start after Intank fuel pump Replace Goss 291

    No Start after Intank fuel pump Replace Goss 291

    I would like to list another cause for 'no start' after Fuel Pump replace.
    My '87 Completely stock US delivery spec car has been stored for last 3 years here in Australia.
    It has only done 77,000ks / 48,000 miles, been a garage queen!
    Stale fuel and gummed up injectors after storage despite using 'Stabil' fuel additive with 98 RON lead free premium fuel.
    Fuel line flush, Injector clean and it started after lots of cranking. Drove it running pretty rough to my workshop.
    Thought I would give this car a 'birthday', fuel system clean and refresh, new plugs etc.
    Found the following: Fuel tank fill rubber hose perished, intank pump severe corrosion and filled with deposits, tank full of debris from old fuel and minor corrosion
    Pressure pump and filter 90% blocked with this debris. I am the 3rd owner.
    Obsessively cleaned tank and fuel lines both out and return, installed new intank pump (Goss 291)since OEM NLA, new sock, new Bosch Pressure pump/filter, fresh plugs and injectors
    Checked fuel line pressure at rail, with Fuel relay bypass/switch, reading 6 bar / 1000ml over 30 sec with engine off.
    All ignition parameters reading normal and functional, injectors firing.

    Go to start - Engine tries to fire after a few cranks, reaches ~800 rpm and stops. I repeat this 10x, same outcome. ? lacks fueling, but I have 6 bar.
    Did the whole check, ECU swap, Water temp sensor, AFM check, Flywheel pick ups,Coil test - all good with testing/voltages etc. Still NO start.

    My mechanic came around and was onto this pretty quickly, not what I expected to find.
    He sprayed aerosol starter into the manifold as I cranked - It STARTED and ran pretty well until he stopped spraying, then it stopped.
    He disconnected the fuel return hose and we ran fuel via another fuel hose direct into a container. I cranked and it started, running pretty well.
    Problem identified - Fuel return blockage reason for no start.

    This was odd, because I cleaned all return lines before installing the new pumps/filter, including comprssed air. Sequentially, I traced back from the engine to the tank to find the blockage.
    Fuel lines were all clear. Using the bypass hose to a fuel container I could start and run the car.
    Final check was the intank fuel pump. Here was the problem.
    The Goss 291 is listed as suitable for a number of BMWs, including E30M3, E30's in general.
    The external fuel connections look OEM, the electrical connector had 2.5mm round pins x2 to which I had adapted the OEM spade connectors.
    I could always hear this pump running throughout the 'no start' and when I bypassed the fuel relay.

    I pulled the intake pump. It looked clean and fine. I checked the fuel pump pipe inlet and outlet and there was the problem, they were reversed in manafacture,
    this is how they all come. My pump was drawing from the return line with no 'sock' protection. The return line was working against the pump outlet, effectively
    causing a return blockage.
    I had to rejig /reverse my flexible fuel lines to work with this setup.
    I then did some pressure /flow testing before the Pressure Bosch pump. Fuel relay bypassed, pump running - NO outlet pressure or flow.
    I reversed the polarity of the pump external power connectors, pump running, I got 6 bar and great flow.
    Hooked everything up. Cranked and engine ran the best I can remember!

    I have not seen this commented on as a cause for no start. I hope this helps other members when 'fueling' may be cause for no start.
    I suggest with any aftermarket intake pump replace you check, pipe configuration, electrical polarity and do a fuel flow check.
    I am happy for this to go in the 'No Start' sub forum.