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Special Delivery - Cecotto Edition

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  • Special Delivery - Cecotto Edition

    Took delivery this past weekend of my Cecotto Edition E30 M3 in Macau Blue... e30 m3 daily driver ? and I couldn't be more in love. Euro Spec, completely stock, going to do a run through with my shop to assess any needs and then enjoy the hell out of it!!!

    Have got some parts that i'll be "refreshing" in the interior with brand new OEM parts and i'll also be installing the OEM EVO front spoiler and air ducts. Will be taking more pictures as I clean up this week after a long journey from the UK.

    If anyone is the the Northwest region i'll be at the 50+ BMW CCA event in Tacoma this weekend, 9/11!

    Link to Google Drive

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    Wow, that is special! Congrats and welcome. I believe a collector in Miami FL has a Cecotto edition in red.


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      Thank you sir that Misano Red is gorgeous and the Nogaro Silver too although admittedly i've never seen the silver in person. This has been 9 months in the making from purchase to delivery so it really is my baby!


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        Congrats on the new (to you) ride! What a special vehicle... How many miles and where did you find it??


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          killer! if you are on the book of faces, find the group titled "Northwest E30 M3 Owners", we are having a small, informal meet up for drinks around the end of the month. would love to see a Cecotto in the flesh.

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            After having a regular E30 and yearning for the M, the widebody, the S14, and everything that comes with the E30 M3 I realized that I should look for one rather than dump more money into a regular E30.

            Found this at a maintenance/restoration/gallery called Classic Heroes UK located in Essex - I would encourage folks to check out their for sale section as it is mouth watering to say the least.

            It has 169K KMs which is about 105K Miles but the history behind it is quite nice as it was purchased by an old racer in the UK who had a collection of 20+ racecars. He took it to Classic Heroes and they did full future proofing and maintenance to make it ready for the next 50-70K miles. Everything replaced was OEM and I have the full binder of work completed so while it is high mileage it is a beautiful example with a rich service history. The condition is really nice as well both exterior and interior are quite mint-looking, and looks to be the original upholstery.

            As I mentioned i'll be doing the rounds at both detail and my mechanic here to get a full in-person inspection on everything but from first glance, drive, etc. it all looks and feels amazing!


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              Congrats! You got spotted at BMW today. Look forward to seeing the car and meeting you at Lemay.


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                Can't say i'm active on Facebook but i'll check out the details and see if I can make it.

                Thanks JZM3! I stopped in to grab a few little things before I went to go to the DOL to get it registered. Who spotted me?


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                  Cecotto in Macau with grey cloth would be my lottery car. Congrats on the pickup. I believe there are 2 or 3 here in Vancouver, but they kind of just bounce from collector to dealer to dealer, which is unfortunate.


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                    My friend Marcus works at BMW and caught a photo while you were parked.


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                      Congrats! That's a great looking Cecotto!

                      I imported my Evo2 from the UK too...Macau Blue as well! Such an amazing color in person.
                      Mine spent time at Munich Legends in the UK...I was always checking with Classic Heroes as well during my search.

                      I remember that long wait while it was on the boat, always checking where the ship was, ha!
                      Glad that yours arrived safe and sound!
                      Enjoy your new beautiful ride!
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                        Westopher there was a Cecotto for sale with the grey cloth but was low low miles and price was veryyyyy high, I agree though that combo is an amazing spec and I was a bit disappointed I couldn't find a fairly priced one but am actually loving the simplicity of the black leather interior more than expected.

                        Ah nice, I am good friends with Mike in parts and wanted to show him but no he was on vacation...

                        The wait was certainly excruciating made much worse by COVID, supply chain issues, overloaded freight lines (not to mention the ship that sunk lol) and the situation with Ukraine arising. It really felt like something "went wrong" each step of the way but thankfully things ended well. Where is your Macao located babraham


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                          Congratulations on your purchase!

                          But after 30+ years I had never heard of Cecotto and had to Google the name.

                          For my education, what makes a Cecotto E30/M3 different? What are the modifications? Where and How were these done?


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                            Thanks CamayroZ some info below on the Cecotto and Ravaglia editions.

                            The Cecotto and Ravaglia editions were built to commemorate two DTM drivers of the E30 M3, I believe the Ravaglia were more limited in production (he was more successful lol) but part of the same #'ed system as they all have the # of 505 plaque in them and the signature of either Cecotto or Ravaglia (although an additional 80 were produced for Swiss market due to emissions and not included in this plaque count).

                            They come with EVO styling for the front lip, a dual spoiler in the rear special to this edition (not the EVO spoiler), 16" BBS two tone wheels in black and silver, a color-matched engine (which I added pics of in my google drive for viewing), and most importantly the upgraded catalytic 215 HP 2.3L EVO II engine. I may be missing a few things but I believe mechanically it is essentially an EVO II model through and through.


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                              E30 Kurt Thank you for sharing and for my education! That sounds special!

                              I only know my stock S14 for a long-time but have always wanted to own a 2.5L car and experience a higher torque fresh engine. I really need to start a search for a second car! I am not getting any younger, and it sure seems like yesterday when I was signing the paperwork and financing my new '88M3!

                              Enjoy the new car.