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R134 AC conversion kit from LC Wylie

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  • R134 AC conversion kit from LC Wylie

    converting these old AC systems to R134 comes up regularly. I have done several E30's putting the pieces together individually and having R12 compressors rebuilt with good results.

    HOWEVER... I just did an E30 325 using a full kit from LC Wylie. Outstanding!!! Kit included every part and hose except the evaporator and the parts were quality. even included a little bottle of Nylog. all parts fit perfectly and vents are blowing 38deg. company owner was extremely responsive to a few questions during the process. my experience was with a M20 kit, but he also has an S14 kit. highly recommended!!!

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    Interested to see the S14 kit run on the bracket without the bushings/isolation that the compressor mounts to. Ive heard of success and ones that have cracked.



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      I ordered the kit for my s14 m3 and will be putting it on in a few months. I also ponied up and replaced my evaporator and the single line to the dryer because I figured if everything else was brand new-why not? My system was working fine-however I came to the realization that it will not cool as good as a new r134 system.


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        When you get it in I'd love to see a picture. The big DTM pan I have I think would have interfered with the stock compressor and I'm hoping the LC Wylie will fit?
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