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  • Car cutting out …..

    Hi guys got a weird problem .
    After a long drive on the highway once I exit and get back to stop and go trafic the car will sometimes not rev past 3k and I have to play with the gas pedal to keep the car running .
    then it eventually dies and won’t restart for about 5 min.than runs perfect again .
    i just changed cap rotor spark plugs .
    what can this be ?
    thanks guys

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    Have you replaced the fuel pump/s if not this could be worth replacing them along with the fuel pump relay.

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      If it won't rev past 3k whilst the car is stationary or in any gear it is either tdc and/or rpm sensor (and not fuel supply related).
      If it won't rev past 3k in 4th or 5th it could be fuel supply flow related.
      There has been the odd case when the rubber intake elbow collapsed choking the engine.
      The in-tank pump should deliver 1 liter in 30 sec to the pressure pump.
      The fuel return from the rail back to tank should be 0.9 liter in 30 sec.
      Check the latter to exclude fuel delivery problems.