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The search for ABE 9637 /2 /3 /4

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  • The search for ABE 9637 /2 /3 /4

    Is there someone out there who owns the above homologation papers?

    Also not digitalized (pdf) maybe I'd need only a few pages.

    I contacted both KBA and BMW but I got nothing.
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    What part is it for?


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    Originally posted by hardtailer View Post
    What part is it for?
    Wheels, and I found the 9637/4 - 5 and 9637/4 -2 which seem referring to wheels, but DMV asked for the whole doc, or, better, didn't specify the part.
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      For starters I'd like to understand the correspondence between the Italian DGMxxxx homologation plate and the ABE 9637.
      Maybe the picture of that hom plate (typenschild) of a German 320is should help.

      And maybe 320is is not ABE 9637? The attachment 9637/2 I found, say "3/1" BMW and on page 20 (pdf numbering) I read "Ausfuhirtg 20iS".
      Maybe it's something related to 320is?

      I can't attach a pdf here sorry.
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        I would have to dig a little deeper myself but I believe the 320is received national type approval in Portugal and Italy only and not in Germany.
        There is no German 320is as such. All 320is in Germany are either Italian or Portuguese Market cars that were imported to Germany.
        In the German vehicle registration papers there is no reference to an E30 type approval number. Instead it's all zeros indicating a model designation that was never officially sold onthe German market.
        I have your email from past conversation with you (pastelletto is part of it) but that seems to be used to distribute spam once in a while?
        PM me your email and I'll send you mine to send the pdf to, of you like