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KK automotive fuel tank

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  • KK automotive fuel tank

    Any one running this tank? Seems way better than running a tank that’s mounted in the spare tire well Click image for larger version

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    It would be vastly better, IMHO, than a cell in the spare tire well. In every way.

    I think it is probably a new product, as this is the first I have heard of it. Even every generation of DTM car (I think) used tire well mounted fuel cells. I couldn't find this product on their website, where did you see it?

    I'm definitely interested.


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      off of Facebook...


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        I think the fuel cell in the spare tire well provides better weight balance on the M3. When these cars are gutted and caged, they are really light on the rear. Getting some weight back there really helps in this regard. Its hard to get weight off the front end of the car Vs the rear.



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          It is nice to have the factory tank location. i had a 12 gallon cell in my trunk. Easy to access and service, cost me under $1000 all in and even with a car at around 2260 pounds I had 50/50 weight distribution when corner weighting. It was a nice setup