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How to Install Clutch Compression Spring (P/N 35311151990)

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  • How to Install Clutch Compression Spring (P/N 35311151990)

    I have to replace the master cylinder connector (P/N 21521151697), because it cracked. I decided to replace both the master and slave cylinders since I have to invest all the time and effort of pulling the master cylinder. I also noticed that the accelerator pedal bushings and grommets need to be replaced. After pulling the accelerator bracket, I noticed that the clutch compression spring was hanging. There appears to be a metal area, just above the opening for the master cylinder, with a groove that the spring sits in. Is that correct? However, I can’t seem to compress the spring to get it in the groove. I checked my Bentley and this forum but have not found any instructions. Is there a procedure on how to get the spring installed correctly? Also, when reinstalling the accelerator bracket and master cylinder, is it easier (I know it's not going to be easy, because of the tight space) to install the master cylinder or the accelerator bracket first?


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    if you pull the pedal all the way toward you, the spring can be folded up into the groove in which it's supposed to go.


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      Thanks Kronus, it worked. The pedal was being stopped by wires in the way and I thought that was the maximum travel length.


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        You should replace that plastic part if you can. About 3-4 years ago I replaced my clutch MC, and reused that spring and plastic piece. Soon after, that piece snapped, resulting in the spring breaking the plastic elbow in the line bringing in the brake fluid in to the MC. Long story short, I had brake fluid all over the carpet and my independent shop had to do an emergency dash and carpet removal within hours... and we entered another rabbit hole of while we are in there....


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          Narayan3, what is the part number for the plastic piece? The compression spring is an assembly. I don't see a separate plastic piece in Real OEM that is attached to the compression spring assembly.


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            Hi All, My Clutch pedal spring's plastic mount broke and sheared the 45 degree plastic fitting connecting the line from the reservoir to the clutch MS. Fortunately it happened while I was in the car and pressed the pedal down. The molder carpet was removed immediately and I dodged a bullet as the car's floor pan paint is

            I'll have to check the paperwork when I get home.


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              I see part # 35311151990 was changed. I'm assuming the plastic piece came with it... as it's new and none of the other part numbers are not accounted for.


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