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Differences between US and Euro, body wire harness

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  • Differences between US and Euro, body wire harness

    Hey all,
    What are the differences between the Euro and US body harnesses? I know the US spec had side marker lights on the bumpers. What else should I know? I was planning on adapting a 325e harness but I found an M3 harness from Europe for a fair price.


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    All, I found a US harness. I believe the Euro models also came with electric sunroof and cruise control but I'm not sure.

    I'm still curious to know...


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      Per someone that literally wrote the book on M3's, this was said "The wiring harness is the same for all models. The American vehicles had additional cables for the indicators on the front and rear side. Otherwise all functions are the same."


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        Haha I knew it was you as soon as I saw the thread title.

        When I added the heated seats to my srd's there's even a little accessories box under the dash with pinouts for that option. SO I just snagged the harness for heated seats from a convertible and it was plug and play. So It makes sense that the harnesses are fairly modular, but what about RHD models? Just reversed harness routing in some sections I suppose?