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Can someone recommend a powdercoating company .

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  • Can someone recommend a powdercoating company .

    I was wonderingif somewone could recommend a powder coating company to do my intake plenum and valve cover.Can you give me there name and the price it may cost.Is the engine heat going to bother the coating at all is it going to last a while?

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    I've used a place called Avanced Products and Services, Inc. located in Pen Argyl, PA (610.863.0570) to powder coat my wheels and they did a fine job. They are actually the place that Wheel Collision Center sends all their powder coat work.

    Really though, you should be able to open the phone book and find a powder coat place down the street from you to do it. There are plenty of them around, and it isn't really that complex to do.

    I imagine it would cost under $100, or thereabouts, to do the pair. Maybe more if you are having them grind the letters back down after the fact.



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      I just did mine a few months ago. It cost me $75 to do both pieces, but I stripped and prepared them beforehand. I also got a bro deal since they screwed up my initial quote
      I think that $100 is reasonable for the two.
      I used standard powdercoat and have had no problems. I shot the valve cover and intake with a infarared heat gun after a hot day of driving and was way under the maximum 300deg. limit.
      When I received them back from the shop, I masked all around the M Power block letters and stripes and sanded them with an air rotary grinder and scouring pads. I tried block sandpaper but you will be there forever! Just go slow and watch your hands. If you nick anything use a rubbing compound to get the marks out.

      One last thing...
      Remember to replace all the gaskets and o-rings so that oil and such doesn't leak onto your new stuff.