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How do I polish out words on Valve cover/Plenum

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  • How do I polish out words on Valve cover/Plenum

    I recently got my valve cover + plenum powder coated.I would like to polish the words out now,How do I do this?Is there any other way to do it without sandpaper?If not,Which sandpaper grit do I start with and what grit do I end with?Can I do it without messing up the powder coating?

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    A polishing wheel on the end of a dremel would probably work.


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      I refinished mine with an air powered grinder with a surfacing pad attachment. I applied tape to anything near the lettering or that was raised and slowly took my time removing paint. I found that sandpaper is way too time consuming since the powdercoating is really tough.

      After about 45 minutes mine looked good as new. I nicked through the tape in a few small places, but everything buffed out with rubbing compound.

      Good luck, and remember taking your time prepping and working will make the biggest difference no matter what the method of removal.


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        I painted my cover and used various grades of wet & dry paper starting at 600 grade and working down to 1200 using a sanding block all the time , and then some metal polish to finsh off . I've not tried this on powder coated items and as wookie says it may be tough. For a really good finsh try asking a machine shop to skim the surface.
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          pics guys! i need to refinish mine, so I'd like to see what your talking about. what temperature were your powdercoat jobs cured at?

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            Here's a pic of mine, it was powdercoated for $30 by some dude that works next door to me. It's got a few blemishes, but looks really nice in general otherwise. Plus it goes well with the color combo my car has going for it. It's called "almost chrome." I did all the prep work myself. i bought some stripper and some steel bristeled brushes and went to work for like two nights to get everything stripped down and looking alright.