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  • Colour opinion/ direction needed

    Picture this my M3 import restoration is now mechanically complete, its had all the following bits replaced or refurbed.


    Now the car needs complete respray and i mean every panel. now bear this in mind when you anwser please, Ok the car is Diamond black, but when i bought this car i always wanted a white one, and it painted in DTM stripes and Graphics, so i painted the engine bay Alpine white while all the engine was out and stuff, (but its all back in now and running) but white.

    But now ive hit the dilemma i had a few months back, should i keep the car the original colour diamond black, or stick with the original plan and go white.

    Option 1 (WHITE) carry on and paint inside boot,interior floor, door shuts and receses etc etc all white. and go DTM race car looks. (already got the graphics as well $600 worth)

    Option 2 (DIAMOND BLACK) remove all engine bay items on inner wings and repaint all white area's back to diamond black, repaint boot floor, interior floor, and all recesses as with white but returning the car back to diamond black all over, but leaving it plain black, no graphics, thus keeping the car its original colour.

    Basically the question is

    white= non original colour

    diamond black= original colour

    Both jobs will be as good as each other so quality wont be any different etc etc

    cheers Neo

    your thoughts and comments would be helpfull.
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    Im like you, I love my red M3, but there will always be a place in my heart, and hopefully down the road, my driveway, for a replica dtm e30 m3.
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      If it's meant as a trackday car go DTM, otherwise stick with the stock color. DTM-look on the street is too pretentious in my opinion...


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        No competition, you have to go with Alpine White. I am a bit biased though, see alpin weis to the left. I believe white is amazing on these cars. The only crux to the plan is how long do you plan to own the car?? If your answer is forever, then you do not care about resale (I donít think original color is that big of a deal anyways if the repaint is done right). I go WHITE. Or maybe Colorado Orange, then go Jagermeister later, but this isnít an option here.



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          I say go with the white. You already have the decals and the engine bay painted white. It sounds like that is what you really want anyway.


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            I'm biased towards the diamond black. But as e30m3man says, you already have the decals and it's seems that you really want to go the DTM route. So, just go for the alpine white.


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              Yeah i started off, with a 100% sure DTM replica look, hence painting all the engine bay and stuff, its just i had that doubt in my mind that its taking it away from its originality, to a degree as its still a M3 colour i will use alpine white, and it will be a a bare metal repaint anyways, with every single clip and trim and wire removed in the process so there will be no diamond black left anywhere even under the dash etc.
              But i was still having the doubts, looking at waynes V8 jagermeister replica does help in a way mind, thats one cool car, even better in the flesh....


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                i voted


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                  I say keep it origianl... However I always have thought E30 M3's look best in white or jet black(Sport Evo black). That said, I plan to keep my car original color when repainting, which is zinno... One more thing, I think you should have the motorsport stripes as decals in case you want to sell later.

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                    Good point with the stripes as decals Erik, will be easyier as well no masking etc.

                    84% say white 16% black mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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                      Hard to say really . If you have a stripped and caged car like V8M3's , then I'd say go and build a good replica of a DTM. What does look odd is when you have all the decals and then a stock interior and wheels etc etc . Basically if you go all the way , it'll look good in my eyes. If you don't then IMHO I'd say go with black and do something different than the white DTM car route.

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                        plain and clean alpine white.
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                          I say keep it stock. I have changed the color on my car and it's kinda been a nightmare.


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                            mmmmmmmmm still cant decide to be honest


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                              I say go for the white. Sounds like a fun project.
                              If you ever want a black car, you can always save up and buy another one.
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