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    how many races did the e30 m3 win in its run in DTM?
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    Re: how many races

    Originally posted by mrsha007
    how many races did the e30 m3 win in its run in DTM?
    I don´t know how many races the M3 won I the dtm from 1988-1992, but in the year 1992 the M3 won 7 DTM races !!!!!


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      I found this reference online but I don't know if it is 100% correct.

      In their brief lifetime, the E30 M3s racked up:

      1436 chequered flags and notched
      1 World Touring Car Championship
      2 European Touring Car Championships
      2 German Touring Car Championships


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        1987 DTM Season. Winning 5 out of 10 races

        Hockenheim____Harald Grohs____BMW M3
        Zolder_________Marc Hessel_____BMW M3
        Norisring_______Olaf Manthey____BMW M3
        Wunstorf_______Harald Grohs____BMW M3
        Diepholz ______Fabien Giroix ____BMW M3

        1988 DTM Season. Winning 5 out of 22 races

        Hockenheim 1____Christian Danner ____BMW M3
        Hockenheim 2 ____Christian Danner____BMW M3
        Nuerburgring 1____Kurt Thiim_________BMW M3
        Mainz Finthen 1____Altfrid Heger_______BMW M3
        Mainz Finthen 2____Altfrid Heger_______BMW M3

        1989 DTM Season. Winning 7 out of 22 races

        Zolder 1_________Roberto Ravaglia____BMW M3
        Zolder 2_________Roberto Ravaglia____BMW M3
        Hockenheim 2____Johnny Cecotto______BMW M3
        Nuerburgring 1___Steve Soper_________BMW M3
        Nuerburgring 2___Steve Soper_________BMW M3
        Avus 1__________Roberto Ravaglia____BMW M3
        Hockenheim 1____Johnny Ceccotto_____BMW M3

        1990 DTM Season. Winning 9 out of 22 races

        Hockenheim 2_____Johnny Cecotto_____BMW M3
        Nürburgring 1_____Steve Soper________BMW M3
        Nürburgring 2_____Steve Soper________BMW M3
        Mainz Finthen 1___Johnny Cecotto______BMW M3
        Mainz Finthen 2___Johnny Cecotto______BMW M3
        North loop 1_____Jacques Laffite_______BMW M3
        Norisring 2______Roberto Ravaglia_____BMW M3
        Nürburgring 1____Joachim Winkelhock__BMW M3
        Nürburgring 2____Emanuelle Pirro______BMW M3

        1991 DTM Season. Winning 8 out of 24 races

        Zolder 1________Johnny Cecotto_________BMW M3
        Zolder 2________Johnny Cecotto_________BMW M3
        Hockenheim 1___Steve Soper___________BMW M3
        Hockenheim 2___Steve Soper___________BMW M3
        Wunstorf 1______Joachim Winkelhock____BMW M3
        Wunstorf 2______Johnny Cecotto________BMW M3
        Diepholz 2______Steve Soper___________BMW M3
        Bruenn 2_______Steve Soper___________BMW M3

        1992 DTM Season. Winning 7 out of 24 races

        Avus 1_________Steve Soper__________BMW M3
        Norisring 1_____Joachim Winkelhock___BMW M3
        Norisring 2_____Steve Soper_________BMW M3
        Bruenn 1______Johnny Cecotto_______BMW M3
        Bruenn 2______Johnny Cecotto_______BMW M3
        Hockenheim 1__Roberto Ravaglia_____BMW M3
        Hockenheim 2__Roberto Ravaglia_____BMW M3

        =41 total wins.

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