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so pissed! door dent! now won't close! ARGH

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  • so pissed! door dent! now won't close! ARGH

    oh God I'm so pissed and depressed right now! I hurt my car oh man im so sad!

    so heres the story...

    I had some free time and thought "my rims are dirty, I wanna clean them."

    So at my apt, they have a seperate car covered port with entrances on both sides where anyone who wants to wash their car can do so.

    when i first drove into it, i thought it was alil cramped, so i parked the car so that the front 1/4 of the car would be out in the sun and the rest of the car in the port.

    started cleaning and thought "damn its hot, and there seems to be enough room in the port to work"

    the ground was built with a decline so that it could channel water to a drain, so i knew i could back the car into the port by just releasing the handbrake without starting the car.

    I did so and we were just going 1-2 mph and i left my door slightly open with my left leg hanging out. But damnit i didnt expect there to be this pillar/beam to be there and as the car backed up, the edge of the door and pillar hit.

    i freaked out so bad, got out of the car and looked at the dent. it didnt look that bad, just a big paint chip, so i tried to close the door, but FAWK the door won't close properly nor as smoothly as it should

    the door is now hanging down just a couple mm off alignment, and when i try to close it onto the latch, it comes in contact with it, so then i have to force the door to raise up and continue to push it and finally click with the latch.

    Oh God what do I do? where do i start from here?!
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    ouch!!!!!!!! Chances are you fucked up the actual hindge locations on the body which means you'll have to pull and do some ugly stuff to get it back aligned. When shit like that really sucks. Sorry to hear!


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      fuck i feel so bad. soooooo bad.

      im in class right as i type this, not even paying attention to the prof as he lectures.

      i know this can be fixed, im just kicking myself for not closing the door.

      man i hope my dad doesn't grill me hard. its nothing like the time i crashed my 190e years ago, but then again he loves the m3 more than the 190e so we'll see.

      anyone have an idea how much this should cost before my dad and i go scour and call up some ppl we know?

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        oh FUK....this is your DAD's car??????? :sosad:


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          oh no no its mine. its mine!

          its just that he knows how much i love my cars. my 190e was my first car, loved that.

          then we got the m3, and my notion of "in love with a car" was redefined.

          so yea, any ideas on cost?

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            yes! fixed the door!

            im a happy man!

            well almost, still have that dent in the edge of the door.

            guess ill leave it there as a grim reminder of my stupidity and clueness for future references.

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              Thats a sin... pound that crap out!
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                dont worry.
                in due time.
                for now its fine.

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                  Feckin Murphy's law.
                  Just when it's all good..... sh*t happens.


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                    how did you fix it? out of curiosity
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                      basically the part of the door in which the hit occurred dictated how the door shifted at the hinge.

                      if it hit the middle, it probably wouldn't have moved it. if it hit near the top, it wouldve moved the door up.

                      in my case, the door got hit near the bottom. therefore the door shifted down.

                      my roommate held the door while i loosened the 4 bolts at the hinge that held the door in place. once loose (but don't completely take it out) the door can shift up and down in place. tighten bolts and close door. repeat if still not aligned.

                      M3 E30 | 318Ti Sport | 190E-16V