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  • Spring Question

    I know sports springs like eibach pro-kit or h&r sports doesn't lower the car much so I thought of taking the spring pads off. Any drawbacks doing this? I just want a lil lower than an inch but I dont want the stiffness of the race springs out there.

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    can get 10mm deeper spring hats in the front. taking off the pad will cause the springs to squeek and otherwise not sound as solid, i'm told the ride isn't much different but most people wouldn't "recommend" that you take them out... fwiw
    1990 e30 m3


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      I've heard of the spring hats before but for the price I dont know if its worth it and what about the back? Would it be uneven lowering just the front? TIA


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        You do know there are DIFFERANT size spring pads? I think they go from 15mm down to 3mm. Chances are you have the 10mm ones in there, at least all the M3's that I have seen come with the 10, so if you use the 3mm all round you will drop the car 7mm. Not to shabby for like $10 a piece!

        And if all you really want is a drop either get the H&R race springs or Spax, then the Bav auto ones.

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