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Side repeaters for UK MOT test

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  • Side repeaters for UK MOT test

    Hi Guys,
    I thought I would post the thread as I am very frustrated and need some information. I have a 1988 M3 EVO 2, the car was privately imported into the UK in 1996 from Germany. I have had this car for 3 years and have had no trouble with the MOT test however I took my car for MOT on Monday and it failed as it has no side repeaters for the indicators, I argued that the car has never had any with no luck. I took it to another test station and they failed it too for the same reason. I contacted BMW who said they had to retrofit these side repeaters to the cars they officially imported, so it looks like I need to fit some. I have seen some US cars with these repeaters in the side of front bumper in the groove where the bumper tape goes. But BMW parts desk says that they only stock the ones that fit on the wing Part number 63131381253 & 4. So I need some of your guys knowledge on the following questions:

    1, what is the correct repeater I should fit and part number.
    2, I would also need some accurate measurements so I can place them properly.

    Please help.

    Thanks Kev

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    Thats a pain!

    Cant help much sorry.


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      Not that it's much help, but I know quite a few people running about on imported cars without indicators. Can you phone a few more local garages to check?

      I've got to take mine for a ticket this weekend, so I may well be in the same boat!



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        Kev, if you go to:

        and do a search, we have gone over this loads and loads of times.

        In a nutshell, you should have them (they are the same as the e36 ones on the e30 M3) but loads of people don't.
        If you do a search as above somewhere in there is also a pic showing fitment and where to drill etc.
        Also if you follow the full letter of the law fitting bumper indicators as the US models is also a no, no as you still can't see them from the required angle from the rear of the car.


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          My car doesn't have any side repeaters either and has managed to get through every MOT since import in 1997, I'm pretty friendly with my MOT tester though (drinking buddies ) so I don't think I'll have much of a problem!

          The US cars, aren't they more of a side marker/reflector rather than an indicator?


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            I had this problem back in 00, When I took my old M3 for its MOT, The guy said that they would of let her pass a year ago (which they did) with out side indicators. But this time they had to fail my car because she did not have any, So I had them order me some and got them put on.
            Apparently its againsed the law not to have any!?!.
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              I had the same problem with my last M3, got stopped by a traffic cop for a routine check and he noticed the car didn't have side indicators. I explained the car had a valid MOT and he said the MOT station shouldn't have passed the car and he could take the matter further with them, getting them into trouble. I was given fourteen days to get them fitted.

              Fortunately my current car is a UK supplied car so already had the indicators from new. Phew !!!


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                I insisted side repeaters were fitted to mine before I took delivery as I knew this was an MOT failure, this was back in '99. I think MOT stations until very recently have waived this issue because they cannot fail something for not working if its not there.

                I know that all MOT stations are moving into the 21st Century with electronic records linked directly with DVLA and made available to the police for road checks etc - The whole checklist is included and must be filled out including a direct PC link for the emissions that apparently cannot be forged!

                The MOT tester is the only one responsible for the MOT, not the garage and its this person that is liable for prosecution if a car hasnt been checked properly.

                Kev, If I could have my car without them, I would because I was concerned that the job would be done professionally and not turn into rust soon after.....touch wood, 6 years on not a hint of rust or external damage.

                Good Luck
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