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  • about stock airboxes

    hi guys thank u alot u were very helpful on my other questions

    i have a stock s142.3l airbox & here in egypt we dont have any parts for the s14 engine i want to cut the airbox and make it bigger does this will make any difference on my car,plz reply me


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    No, as regular people, most of us don't have the technology or resources to develop a better airbox than the factory. Besides, an unbuilt engine doesn't need any more air.

    Spend your time/money on something better...

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        Your options for airbox are stock, stock in CF to save weight, or DTM replica. Nothing else is worth it.
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          Have you allready applied all the tips we gave you last week? Including a change of differential?

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            If you go stand alone ecu/alpa n, You can weld/cut it, and make a front 4 or 5" inlet. Like the dtm style airboxes. It have been done before.....


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              Originally posted by AlpineRunner
              Your options for airbox are stock, stock in CF to save weight, or DTM replica. Nothing else is worth it.
              You're refering to the Plenum.
              He is asking about the air Filter housing/box.

              Leave it as is.
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                Re: about stock airboxes

                [QUOTE]Originally posted by ///mpower23
                [B]hi guys thank u alot u were very helpful on my other questions

                i have a stock s142.3l airbox & here in egypt we dont have any parts for the s14 engine i want to cut the airbox and make it bigger does this will make any difference on my car,plz reply me

                Tifa..........take the time to remove your airbox ( NOT the plenum ).Have a good look at it.Inside there is what is commonly referred to as 'the barn door' or flap. This is what many of us want out of the way when going to bigger cams etc. It is restrictive i.e. we want more air volume to mix with more fuel and get that increased capacity into our combustion chamber.However, you can't just hook that thing out of there.You've got an afm (air-flow meter) working in with your stock ecu.This is programmed from the factory........start dicking with that and you had better know what you are doing.This is why when we go to say a carbon-fibre 'airbox' (which includes the plenum, airbox, snorkel etc.) we also have to address the air and fuel ratios by utilizing an alternative management system such as Maxx a-n or Motec or whatever.Do you understand the principle ?

                Now.......on a more general note.........your opening line to this thread thanks everyone for being helpful in your last threads.Language barriers aside, I am struggling to see how you can say that with sincerity when you have, imho, taken little heed to the advice that so many have offered.I am not trying to pick on you here for the sake of it.......rather to help... and reiterate AGAIN what so many have said to try and help you.

                Here's what I mean : Dave (OZM3) gave you the advice that before spending any money on anything....what do you want to achieve ? Adam suggested 'exactly what do you want to do with your car ?'....and...'please make one thread with all your questions'........Tom has told you that you 'can't butcher performance modifications together'.......and that 'you need to do your homework and put together a plan with a goal in mind'.......Mflossin has said the same to you........I have said the same to you.......erik has suggested that you do some searching.....Adam has repeatedly suggested that you do some searching.....UK215M3 has advised you to get someone who knows what they are doing to work on your car.....Lee has asked you if you took any notice to what was said before.......hell, even John has tried to give you some advice........and even let the cat out the bag with his 'special secrets'.......the dreaded turbonator (heheheh).

                Tifa......I get it that you are looking to get info. on this site to maybe weigh things up......but don't you think that you could perhaps take some of the advice that you've been afforded and maybe take a bit of time out to research your big picture requirements.........I mean, given that you have asked a number of random questions and given that you still haven't quite explained what you are trying to achieve, do you think that it is possible that answers that you get to one query might not work with another ? Hell, I don't even know what car you've really got happening say Evo11 but say that a typo ?

                Well, at the end of the day I guess it's your perrogative to continue posting whatever.......and I don't have to reply......however, I feel that given the amount of energy that the guys have put in to try and help you then maybe you could help us understand a bit better by doing what so many have asked you to do which is explain (or go figure out) what you're really trying to achieve overall.

                Take care.


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                  oscar is right ...before u start wasting time energy and $$$,
                  -ask yourself what you want out of the m3, track car ? daily driver ? show car ? drag car? etc... it depends on what YOU want out of the car ...
                  -after you figure that out, then think about how much you can afford to spend on the m3.. ($$$$)
                  -and then search the internet and this forum for all the mods that are of interest to you ... and how much they cost ...etc.
                  then after you have sorted out all this info decide on a plan and just follow it

                  goodluck, but by the question you asked i think that you are going to use it as a daily driver and you're just after some not-so-expensive mods... if thats the case then id put the $$$ into making the m3 better and stock first in the meantime .. until its done and uve decided what u want... fix all the broken stuff and get everything it needs, valve adjustments etc. then i guess a good chip would be good, you could go with a higher ratio differential... but as i said decide on exactly what u want, dont go get a chip and then decide a month later you want cams ... ull have to get a chip all over again..etc. think it out!
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                    thanks guys i made the things u said before it made my car very crazy i like it now but i didnt found the differential so i put 3.46 it is soo good , i will post my question on one topic dont be upset guys


                    i want to put (airmass) instead of my (air flow meter) is this possible and what upgrades i will make ?


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                      my friend, just SEARCH!


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                        :surprised :rolling:
                        e30 m3; euro S50B32 twin-turbo'd


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                          :rolling: :huh: :err: :lostme:


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                            btw i dont think he has an e30 m3 ... cuz in another topic he says "1985 323is"
                            maybe it has an s14 in it though
                            e30 m3; euro S50B32 twin-turbo'd


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                              ...the correct volume for an airbox is = (engine displacement/number of cylinders) x 19 = volume of the airbox in cc. That volume guarantee the pressure in the airbox not going under 1atm.

                              That means that a 2.0cc has to have a 10 litres airbox. I dont know how much litres is the stock airbox+intake 'MPower' box.
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