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Need help removing fuel injector wiring harness

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  • Need help removing fuel injector wiring harness

    I'm removing the head on my car to change the head gasket and everything is going fine, but the only problem I'm having is I can't seem to figure out how to remove the fuel injector wiring harness. The Koala E30 repair CD only says to "lever up injector harness" but it doesn't say how to disconnect the plugs from each fuel injector. They don't seem like they will just pull apart because there are two retaining tabs on each side of the plug, but I can't find any sort of release tab. Anyone know how you disconnect them?

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    I'm trying to remember how I did it.

    We took off our whole injector rail though.

    What ever wiring harness your trying to remove, it should be easy. Could you show me a photo of what it looks like, then I could remember it.

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      Originally posted by Bavarian3

      In this picture you showed, the injector harness is already removed. If you look at the injectors though, you can see the plug on each of them located infront of the fuel lines that attach to each injector at the top of them. I'll see if I can find a picture of the harness installed.


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        If you can describe it to me that can help too..


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          I used two pictures of the harness from the repair CD. Ignore the green arrows in the pics.


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            In this photo is the harness... four injector connectors and one extra connector.

            That is the main connector on the harness. From what I remember all we did was removed that one connector and lifted up. Let me know if that does not work and I'll take a look again. I believe with the injector connectors, you have to push them in and pull up.

            The harness cover should just slid off, at least ours did.

            The Koala CD photos are small....