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  • Trunk problems

    Recently my trunk has not been shuting right. it stays closed but it rattles, and moves up and down. Ive looked at the hook on the underside and cant find anything wrong. i adjusted the rubber screws and everything. Nothing works. Help would be wonderful.

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    the latch mechanism is likely broken - this happened to my car also. You need to go get the piece that mounts to the trunklid and mates into the latch on the bottom and that should solve your problem.

    1990 e30 m3


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      i have a different trunk problem
      the key will turn and push in but it wont release the trunk
      their is no power going to the car at all because their is no battery hooked up
      can i reroute power to the car
      and theirs no engine in the car it just a shell but i need to put parts in the trunk


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        teddalby, i had the same thing happen, i ended up drilling the lock out and was able to push the mechanism with a screwdriver to open it.


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          You need a new latch- had the same problem when restoring mine


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            yup new latch, i just changed mine and the trunk closes sooooo much tighter now.