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Rear subframe stuck!!

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  • Rear subframe stuck!!

    I'm replacing all the bushings in my rear end. I've removed the plates over the subframe mounts, pounded out the long bolts, disconnected the sway bars, and removed the shocks. There should not be anything else holding the subframe up! I've pounded on it, pulled, jumped up and down on the rear rotors. I've tried prying on it, but I can't really find a point on the body to get enough leverage without risking damage. Anybody have any suggestions?

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    one of the perks of living on the east coast!

    I had to literally cut the bushing apart, drop the subframe, then snap the center tube out and grind away the excess when I did them on my old e30 from NH


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      Just don't get under it.
      Have a couple of milk crates handy to catch it.
      Use a pry bar to exert a little downforce on on of those thick disc spacers and continue to agressively rock the subframe on its mounts. use the trailing arms for leverage if the braking system has been disconnected.

      It took two of us 15 mins of rough stuff to drop the subframe of a pristine car.


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        I just had the same experience. I placed a long rod/screw driver/pry bar inside the sleeve where the bolt was from underneath the car then... Whacked it repeatedly(front, back, side to side) with a hammer, shook it violently back and forth, and most importantly, cussed at it until it gave up and came out.

        make sure the car is supported well. Make sure you are not under any part that is going to fall when it comes loose.

        Once you start to see the inner alloy sleeve start to move a tiny bit just keep at it. it will eventually come free.

        I have also had good luck with squirting a little penetrant in the hole from the top, and letting it sit for a while before beating on it.



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          Burn it............... the bushings............ if you are outside. Mind you, kinda close to the gas tank