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    JimmyC is right, 'your' part nr 11 is not on an S14. Copy and paste the first link I posted and you'll see what I meant.
    Anyway, I would say you can remove that part without removing the head as it has the same interface to the head as the timing chain cover on an S14 which I managed succesfully. Just make sure that all surfaces (i.e. the underside of the head gasket) are clean sthat the sealant works properly.

    good luck.


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      You guys are correct, this part is M10 specific, I just looked it up in the official BMWWebETK (that realoem site can be confusing). Thanks guys for ridding of all that confusion, guess there is no pulling of the head!
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        Reviving old thread.

        Getting ready to take care of the timing cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets (U & L). I spoke with Bernard (Hardtailer) to confirm sealants.

        I was wondering if anyone else has done the timing cover gaskets without removing the head successfully? I have about 130k on the motor and would prefer not to pull the head until I need to do a rebuild.

        Ryan M
        88 E30 M3 Alpineweiss
        07 F350 Diesel Crew Cab
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