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Window will not roll up.HELP

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  • Window will not roll up.HELP

    I was driving this morning and my window on the drivers side went up and down fine.Then all of a sudden it wouldnt go up . I kept pushing the switch up and down and it moved a little 0nce but after that it wouldnt move again at all.I switched the window switch to the other side thinking the problem was the switch but that wasnt it because it moved the other side just fine.I checked the fuse and that was ok also.Any idea what this could be.Anyone ever had this problem before?Maybe the Motor is shot.I guess the only way to tell is to hook juice straight to the motor huh?Thanks for the help.

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    before you pull the door apart, check the electrical plug between the door jamb and the door. it it can be unplugged from the door frame. while it has a rubber boot, the pin connections inside can corrode. it's worth a look.


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      I totally agree to check that plug. There is a contact enhancer that works magic on corroded contacts. It is called Stabilant. NAPA sells it and so does Wurth. Be prepared for sticker shock. It isn't cheap. We use it every day in our shop.One drop is all you need.

      The difference between understeer and oversteer is that when you crash through the fence front first, that's understeer!