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Mini-Canonball Run....Connecticut to Florida!!!

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  • Mini-Canonball Run....Connecticut to Florida!!!

    I just read about an interesting event in my local paper. There is a "first car wins car rally" starting from Marcus Dairy in Danbury CT (near the Mall) on August 1, sign ups cost $200 on July 19/20th. They say it's 'not a race' but...I think some may interpret this in different ways.

    The first car reaching a town outside Tampa Florida wins $4,000.00 Hmm, maybe I should enter this thing. It's about 1200 miles and you take any route you want, no extra gas tanks, tickets are your own responsibility. No checkpoints other than the start and finish.

    I'll see if i can scan the article.


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    hemm seems intresting could be very fun

    Shes sold now :(


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      Please post, dates, contact info etc. I am interested in running in this the speed limit
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        Let me know when your coming through I95/I26 corridor and I'll be sure to standing on the side of the interstate with some sort of stupid sign of encouragement.


        PS Hit me up on your way back for some


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          Hell, I'll be at the finish line with a few cold ones too

          Know which town outside of Tampa?



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            Brock Yates would be proud of you!

            I remember when "one lap" was still done in this style. We had two 535is' entered for Atlantic BMW in VA Beach.

            The techs spent tons of time getting these cars ready. 4 radar detectors, two front two rear, rally computer etc. BMW NA donated the cars for the event and they then sat on the showroom floor in race condition for 2 weeks. They were an absolute MESS! Bugs! 20 pounds of Bugs in evry crack!

            Have fun Stan! YOu need a co pilot...................sorry my wife would cringe at the thought (mommy)soooo another hot shoe would be preferrable.

            Hey MATT! (onrailsm3) you and stan should team up!



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              I haven't the article with me at the moment...but the main thing is that the sign up is this weekend, both days, at Marcus Dairy in Danbury CT. July 19-20. Registration costs $200, net proceeds go to charity and $4000 is for 1st place and (I think) $1,000 for 2nd place, 60 car minimum. The town in Florida is about 1 hour from Tampa. The event itself is on August 1 and a start time was not announced... probably morning/midday...likely that will come out at registration. I'll try to get more information.

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                Not much new information..except that registration is 10 AM - 2 PM Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of July. HTH.



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                  I am going to Pocono with the PDA this weekend, can't make registration.

                  Also I cannot take the Friday and following Monday/Tuesday from work, I am interested in finding out more for next year. I think some more time would be needed to get a car "ready" for such a banzai run than 2 weeks.

                  If they run this event next year, I am in! I have a Valentine 1, and am about to get a 100 channel scanner to hear the piggies.

                  I want to run in a Gumball/Cannonball type event in the next couple years, just need to know sooner to get ready.

                  Also, I probably wont run an E30M3, way too flashy to run triple digits for hours on the open road. A 4 door black or blue, faded, lightly rusted E30 with a S52 swap (w/a Blower?), quiet exhaust and hubcaps......invisible and fast.
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                    my car with stock wheels or well stock looking wheels quited down with lots of mud on it would work nicely

                    Shes sold now :(