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Mystery Noise -could it be my cat. converter? (long)

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  • Mystery Noise -could it be my cat. converter? (long)

    I am trying to diagnose a noise I have on my car. Here is my original post on roadfly:


    My car is making this sound that I thought I had figured out. I was pretty sure it was either the valves or the injectors. I even checked the valves a few months ago and they were all within spec (they just cleared the lower end specs). Anyways, the sound had gotten louder and I am not sure what it is anymore. I can hear it distinctly at idle and I can hear it over the engine noise all the way up to 4.5K rpm. It is definitely not a solid ticking sound as some suggest, it is more of a constant, pulsing sound. It's hard to describe but the best I comparison is sticking a piece of reed or thin paper into the blades of a house fan while it's moving. I have checked the exhaust shields and they're all bolted in tight. From the driver seat, it sounds like it is coming from under the car but when I pop the hood, I can hear it most from the top of the engine bay.

    I know the car makes a lot of noise and I don't want to sound anal, but this is bothering me (especially since it seems to be getting louder).
    Also, is there a definite way of checking injectors for noise?


    Well, I have gotten responses with several different possible problems. I was just wondering if it could be my cat? I think it may be going out since I hear a metallic exhaust note when reving cold. I also recall that there is a metal baffle in the cat that can come loose. The sound does seem to originate from that area too.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Heat shields on top of cats have a reputation of breaking their spot welds. This makes all kinds of noises. Mine just broke and I too thought that the big exhaust heat shield was dragging on the ground it was so loud! Turned out to be that damn cat shield. Give that a look.