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  • Anyone have GC suspension

    I was wondering if anyone had th eground control coilover sleeve on there E30 M3.I installe dthem about 3 months ago and now my car rides hard.I'm in need of shocks bad.I waas wondering what shock set-up you have?My sleeve is as low as I could get it so it's pretty low.Can anyone recommend something?

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    what shocks are you running? when you go GC, most would assume you wanted a stiffer suspension. If not, you should have gone with a cheapier and sofer setup from someone else.
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      If you are running stock shocks, you WILL blow them out very quickly. I bought the bilsteins with my ground control. But I would rather have a set of konigs. If you really need shocks on the cheap, I would consider selling you my bilsteins so I can buy a set of konigs:p (bilsteins have a lifetime warranty, and these have around 10,000 miles on them, very little use)

      If you have the rear ground control ALL the way down, the car will bottom out. You must buy re-valved shocks. Unless you want to look "cool" (or your name is rob) It is not good to have your car that low. the car does not handle as well with the GC all the way down as it does at about 1/2 settings.

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        Im running GC's revelved Koni shocks. Love 'em! Thats what Id go with all over again.


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          I have stock shocks now and there shot.What do the Koni's run which should I get?Do the koni's have a lifetime warranty?


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            With the perches set all the way down you're probably painfully close to the bumpstops if not riding on them. A suspension still needs travel, no matter how cool it looks slammed to the ground .

            Whatever shock you end up getting, get the piston/shaft shortened so you can actually use it.

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              The Koni's will cost you about $616.00 (plus CA tax and shipping) from
              I just went to the Koni site and looked up their warranty, seems they do have a lifetime warranty, but since they are designed for the GC setup they should last a long time.
              I LOVE mine. I like the fact that they can be adjusted for dampening right on the tops, so it only takes a minute to go from semi-soft to HARD. I also have the ground control adj. springs (300F 500R), rear GC shock mounts and their end links attached to Suspansion Techniques sway bars. The overall setup is very planted and not too harsh for the street unless you like riding in Buicks. With this setup the car is like night and day from stock.



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                I'm with Wookie on this one. I've got the full GC package with the ride height all the way down in the rear and about 2/3 of the way down in front, with 450 fr/550 rear and Koni adjustables. The car still rides decently with the shocks set to soft and its really transformed with them set to firm. I LOVE IT. The only downside I can see to the really low ride is the occasional contact with the road surface, but my car handles really well and is very responsive to changes on the track.
                If you have the GC springs and coil-over kit, you HAVE to change shocks. No way will the stockers hold up to it. I recommend the Konis if you have a true dual duty car, otherwise revalve some Bilsteins or others.
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