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  • Wiring problems

    My car was recently in an accident , net result is loads of wires hanging down and no clue as to which is which

    One pair of wires is Brown/Yellow and Brown
    another is Purple/Yellow and Brown
    another is Brown and Blue
    The one with the grey plug is Red/White and Brown/Yellow although i'm sure this wasn't in use

    The wiring for the spot lights and the front indicators is out of the pic and intact . I know one pair must be for the horn and another for the temp sensor.I've had to put the bumper back on now as i need to use the car tonight, so if you have any ideas so i can have a proper look tomorrow I'd be grateful.

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    Here is what I could dig up from the factory wiring manual:

    Violet/Yellow, Positive Horn
    Brown, Horn ground

    Blue, Air Temp Sensor +
    Brown, Air Temp Sensor Gnd

    Brown/Yellow, LH Fog Light +
    Brown, LH Fog Gnd

    Course, Id check everything out with a voltmeter or test light forst. Just ground the tester and press the horn, or turn on the fog lights and look for a complete circuit.

    Good luck!!
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      Top man , thanks !
      This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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        Brian,On my 1990 there is another spare connector block in the same area as the temp senser,will check colours and post later.
        Cheers Jon