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M3 evo cam gear

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  • M3 evo cam gear

    Hi everyone. Anyone has installed one? How did it go? What are the performance gains? Any reasons why it shouldn't be done? Any mods that should go with it to gain optimal results?


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    from what i hear it lowers your TQ curve, so the car has more oumph down low and is a better city car. some guys with 2.5's say it works out great with the 2.5 with all up top, becauase it allows some power to be made down low. however simple physics tells us that:

    this means that lowering your tq curve takes away from your hp gains up top.

    anyway, i have one for sale. if you need one feel free to make an offer.
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      Right now I am bidding on one on ebay. So far it is $60.


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        Shahe's right, it basically just changes the timing on the exhaust cam which in turn lowers your powerband about 1000RPM. So now more power comes in the 4000RPM band than in the 5000RPM band.

        If your car is for the street, in my opinion, it comes down to personal preference. I prefer the power to stay up high, so I'm not planning on using an EVO cam gear. I've been in cars with the cam gear, and the power a little lower feels great. Bottom line is there are no horsepower gains or losses with the cam gear that I am aware of. It is just a shift of where the power is.



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          I had one of these in my car for about 2years on my 2.3l.

          It was one of the best things I ever did. The torque curve moves way down and becomes a lot flatter, it also smooths out the engine. You don't really loose top end, just like 2hp, BUT, it will peak a bit sooner and it will NOT stay on later, it drops quickly after peak HP.

          However, even on the track and Auto-x I spend more time in the mid range, then at redline, it really gives more grunt comming out of turns!!

          I was really happy with it, add a EVO flywheel and you will get back most of what you lost. As well as more low end torque.

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