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    Anybody try their cam and chip kit? I am into real numbers and not make beleive HP. I need about 25 more HP over stock and really do not want to play around with my new to me 1990 M3. Has K&N and new tune up from cap to plugs using stock Bosch items. Just yanked noisy Supersprint system and bolted on stock which felt like a good 8hp down low in the power band as the Supersprint was bolted onto staright pipes with no cats. I need quick real HP!!! Any idea??? What is stock gap for Bosch x5dc's??? Thanks again

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    You want real numbers....then don't go with Dinan.

    Your better off dumping your AFM and using a programable ECU with an aftermarket plenum....


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      yea, it sounds like getting rid of the AFM is the best way to go.

      the plug gap spec is .6mm +.1mm

      A purist with a slight hot-rodding streak.


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        The Dinan kit is a EVO Cam and EVO cam gear at 3X the normal price.

        If you really want power, you need to add some cams, header back exhaust, intake and some real cams, and ditch the AFM, getting 25hp is going to cost you some serious $$.

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        At least it's German