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    I'm a bit confused...

    Everyone is telling me the only original color for The Ravaglia was Misano Red (, and some other people with a lot of knowhow about E30 M3's...)

    But on you can read:

    Interior and Exterior Colors (Cecotto/Ravaglia):
    Misano Red (236), Macao Blue metallic (250) or Nogaro Silver metallic (243) with either Anthracite M-Technic cloth/leather or Silver M-Technic cloth/leather. Black Bison leather, full Black Nappa leather or full Silver Nappa leather available an an extra-cost option.

    Also in Holland someone owns an 100% original Nogaro Silber E30 M3 Ravaglia, and there are 2 nogaro silber E30 M3's on

    So does anyone know which colors are the original colors of the BMW M3 E30 Ravaglia 1989???


    Regards Joep

    PS for instance:
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    theres a lot of different information about the ravaglia..not only the colour...its similar to the different information on the net about the number of ravaglias and their chassisnumbers. why not contact bmw or better: bmw mobile tradition in germany.they should be able to give exact information about the ravaglia. that way you know for sure.
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      I was under the impression they was all Misano Red aswell, but have also seen the silver ones on bmwregister.


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        I've seen Misano red and Nogaro Silver ones. No reason to suppose that there aren't Macau blue ones out there too.

        The mis-information that they were only available in Misano red has been stated in at least one M Power book and repeated numerous times in magazine articles. Don't believe everything you read.

        Of the special editions (Cecottos and Evo IIs) that I've seen over the years I'd reckon that Macau blue is easily the most common.
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