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  • Newbie with euro M3

    Hello M3 fans,

    I recently bought a 1989 M3 Group N(euro) in England. The car is in perfect shape. This car was owned by BMW Motorsports for 4 years(won the 24h of Spa-Francorchamps and 24h of the Nurburgring in Group N in 1990) and then was sold to the Thruxton race track in England to become a driving school car. A friend of mine bought it from them and kept it till recently(stayed in the garage for 2 years). The car was reshelled in 1991 after a major crash(so it's now a 1991). All the shell was seam welded and it has all of the Group N goodies.
    We recently raced the car at the Grand-Prix of Trois-Rivieres were we finished 8th overall and 7th in the GTU class(under 3 liters). Note that we qualified 28th after having fuel filter problems(clogged)

    Now that we don't have to stay within the Group N rules, I will do a lot of improvement to the car.

    Starting with the final drive: Since it's an Euro gearbox, it has a 3,25 but I would like to try a US 4,10 gear(123mph at 7250rpm).
    The suspension could be better so a kit from Turner would sound good(Bilstein/H&R) The car runs already with Blisteins but it's not working well.
    The engine is bone stock, but it seems that they (BMW Motorsports) have remapped the Motronic because it revs till 8000 rpm and also the mixture is kinda Rich(black rear bumper). So what I have in mind is a SDS fuel injection(to get rid of the damn airflow meter), a pair of EVO sport cams, 12.5:1 pistons and maybe the 48mm throttle bodies.

    I recently bought the Supersprint center section. Wich is 2 X 2 in straight pipe. And the headers that is on the car doesn't seem to be the stock one, it has 2X 2inches(stock should be 1 3/4 right?)

    Thats about much I will do to the car for now(my wallet wont let me go further)

    If you racers have any suggestions or advices, let me know!

    See ya!

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    Re: Newbie with euro M3

    Originally posted by Drevaen
    So what I have in mind is a SDS fuel injection(to get rid of the damn airflow meter)
    Thought about the Lenz fuel injsection computers ro the Alpha N kit to solve your problems?
    Both are very good and both get rid of your AFM with little trouble.

    Glad to hear that the car is is good hands, and still RACING!!!

    Note: I think you have everyone here drooling, but Im sure we would all love to see some pictures if you get a chance.

    Welcome to the club!


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      Welcome and post some pics when you get a chance.


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        I'm trying but the administrators wont let me put my pics, since I'm a newbie.


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          Originally posted by Drevaen
          I'm trying but the administrators wont let me put my pics, since I'm a newbie.

          Send the pics to memberpics at (add the @ instead of "at")

          Welcome to the forum!

          Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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            My car is not a DTM, it's a group N(minor mods)

            Sorry, and it's not for sale. I just got it!
            Pics available soon in the members albums.