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25mm master cylinder

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  • 25mm master cylinder

    I'm installing this next week. Is there anything that I should look out for?

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    its basicly like doing a brake job, except you need to drain the fluid and rip out the MC
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      Remember to bench bleed the MC prior to install.

      You may want to get the booster/MC seal before you do this job. Nothing worse than loss of vac because of a $2 part.


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        my mc just came in today, are the seals the 2 little black rubber things on the master cylinder?


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          Those are the seals for the reservoir.

          It will be a single seal where the MC and the booster mate up.

          You will not be able to see it until you remove MC from booster.


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            Is there a part number? What should I ask for when I go to the part store?


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              Sorry but I do not have that # handy.

              I have always found Maximillian Importing or Bavarian Autosport to be helpful on these types of items.

              9 outa 10 times it is fine but if it happens to get damaged during installation or removal you are parked until it arrives ya know.


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                I'll just go to the dealer to get one, I don't want to pay shipping for a $2 part.


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                  I just went to the parts place and now I'm confused. Should I get the seal for an E30 or from a 740?


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                    I finally installed the kit. What you're going to need to do this right is a 11mm flare nut wrench, otherwise you're going to strip the brake like nut. I did end up stripping one of them, but fortunatly, I was stupid and I was trying to loosen the wrong one.

                    Also the line that I got from Bimmerworld wasn't bent the way it was supposed to be, I bend it myself to get it to fit.

                    Other than that, it works really nice, it feels really good!!! My brakes have never felt better!!