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  • not passing DEQ

    I can not seem to pass deq with my m3. I have taken it to my mechanic and they tell me that I need a new cat. I just replaced the cat about two years ago and it cost me a fortune so I am hoping it is not this. I do have a turner chip in the vehicle. Some one mentioned that by replacing with the stock chip it should help meet the clean air specs.

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    If you need a new cat so soon, you may be running to rich and buring it out.

    It would help if you told us why you did not pass.

    First thing....
    Do a insp II, and make sure they do a Tb synce after the vavle adjustment and set base idle and CO.

    Then when you go to get the test done, drive tha car around HARD< and make sure it's really nice and HOT, do a few redline runs.

    I pass with out a cat and a modded 2.5, why? m car is all in tune.

    Do not click
    At least it's German


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      If you still want to keep the cats, look into highflow cats by magnaflow..

      Only $125 a piece, too.


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        I didnt pass portland deq for a few tries. warming it up didnt help at all. I had it checked by that place on sandy and they got it down a little bit. In the end I just adjusted my afm a click and it passed with flying colors. Make sure you know what youre doing though you could make your engine too lean or rich.