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Factory Aluminum/Leather Shift Knob

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  • Factory Aluminum/Leather Shift Knob

    I replaced the worn out shift knob in my e36 with the factory leather/aluminum knob. I really like the feel of it and weight. It is noticeably heavier than the standard leather ergo knob (not as heavy as a straight billet knob however), and is also a good deal shorter. A few people have talked about this knob before but few have taken pictures of it. I know this is on an e36, but I am planning on putting on one my e30 here soon to replace the rare illuminated one I have on the car currently. That said, i think this is applicable to the e30 community.

    Pic of how much taller it is in direct comparison - the difference is slightly amplified/distorted by the fact that AL knob is sitting physically lower than the ergo.

    Pic of standard ergo knob height

    Pic of AL knob height

    The finished product

    Hopefully this will answer the question of what the knob looks like if people who have heard of it or are wondering. I had no idea this part even existed until about 2 months ago, maybe it is old news.

    1990 e30 m3

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    factory e36 knob is good looking! How much are you selling the illuminated one for?


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      Man Crotch!

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        thank you magnus. I was waiting for someone to point that out!


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          That is a good looking knob. I prefer taller ones though as the knob is closer to the wheel and the shift effort is a bit less. Good find though.


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            "That is a good looking knob."

            You know we can insert a joke with what you said.. esp since there is a picture of Ted's mandingo as well..

            But since this is we won't..

            Yes I knew about it...


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              I've been watching this thread...And Frankly, I've been disappointed at the lack of , er, manhood repartee. :hee:



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                What Knob is that? It would look good in my Convertible! Im liking the knob! But not in that way :lol:
                Wanted, Plastic E36 M3 cam cover from the USA


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                  Originally posted by CourtM3
                  factory e36 knob is good looking! How much are you selling the illuminated one for?
                  i'm not selling it, just saving it for shows and the like
                  1990 e30 m3


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                    Don't act like you're not impressed with the crotch shot fella's...

                    This is what i get for being impatient and changing the knobs in the dealer parking lot after picking up the new one
                    1990 e30 m3


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                      Not work safe...hahaha.

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                        Part number for the alum knob??
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                          I just got that knob for my e34 except the middle is wood for $15 from a breaker Same aluminum shift pattern and lower ring. Can you take a shot of it in Miss Louis Vuitton's crotch?
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                            Do you feel you can still shift quickly with the weighted knob?
                            What is the feel....your feedback is appreciated.
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                              Slick shift knob man. I'm kind of impartial to the MOMO ones though.
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