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'89 Zinno Beauty on Ebay (Shahe?)

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  • '89 Zinno Beauty on Ebay (Shahe?)

    evo:nahnah: :p

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    hot shit! but its not mine.
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      It looks like a nice car. Don't know about the EVO thing?:nahnah:

      The interior looks like it's in great shape, but it is missing the toe hook covers, he has a HOT air intake, and the Nology wires are not the best choice.

      All in all, it seams to look like a $14k car.

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      At least it's German


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        By looking at the wrinkles at the seams of the front seats, I think they have been reupholstered. For some reason, the car reminds me of the Superloaded E30 M3 (stripped of the tons of mods it had) that was trying to be ebayed for 23K a little while back. Anyways, doen't look too bad for 14.9K.

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          if that car was truly a 9-10 like he describes, at those miles, wouldnt it fetch a higher price? now im not necessarily saying that what he says is accurate, but a car that is a 9-10 would fetch closer to 20k wouldnt it?

          looks better than it runs :/


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            I hate it when people put the M on the wrong side. The seats probably were redone. Where's the floor mats? Red and tan isn't the most sought after, actually it's the most popular. Nice tires.