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Running rich... suggestions?

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  • Running rich... suggestions?

    Hey, I finally got my car back together into a drivable condition (I don't know if you recall, but I was doing some extensive body repair and then painting... well it's done) ANYWAY - now I had my friend driving behind me for awhile and he said that when I got on the gas that I was spewing a noticable amount of grey smoke out the pipe.

    When I had the car in to have it's valve's adjusted about a year ago, I knew that it was running a bit rich since there were carbon speckles all over the ass of the car within 30 miles of driving (after cleaning). However, when my mechanic, who is familiar with the S14 and is the only private BMW/Porsche specialist in the state, took a look and didn't see anything wrong. I kinda ignored the problem for awhile, but recently I was dealing with flooding the engine and fouling the plugs, so I was hoping I could improve the situation.

    MY QUESTION: I know some excess is normal, but what are some things I could check to make sure all is in order? The 02 sensor, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, reference sensor, H20 pump, tensioner, and all filters are all new. BTW - she's COMPLETELY stock under the hood, no JC or anything...

    Phew, little long eh? TIA, Beau

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    First, thing, test the fuel pressure. And the FPR, there is a vacume line on it, if it's not working, then you are running rich all the time. Then you can have a bad spraying injector, that is dumping fuel, run a can of redline SL1 in there, it might help.

    Other things...
    Coolant temp sensor, this tell the ECU how hot the engine is, and will change the fuel map.

    Lastly, repalce the O2.

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      had the same problem... better check your afm while checking all the things EVOIIIM3 mentioned. afm problems are pretty common from what i've found. mine checked out ok, but i replaced it anyway and whadda ya know... no more soot from the ass and my gas milage doubled!


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        I'm getting about 24mpg... so I'm not really that worried, it's more of an embarrassment to hit the gas and have a cloud of carbon come out the pipe. How does one test the AFM? Certain resistances at the plug? Or....


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          i forget which two pins to test but there are two on the afm itself across which you should get a smooth resistance curve when the flap is opened and closed. it's best to use an analog meter to watch the needle sweep. if there are any flat spots or anything other than a smooth sweep it's probably bad. 24 mpg around town? it would seem to me if your spitting unburned fuel out of the exhaust and getting that kind of milage you must be running fat at times and lean at others.