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parts list for passing smog?

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  • parts list for passing smog?

    I'm going to try and pass smog once again this week, any suggestions on new parts to get to help?

    here is the list of replaced stuff so far.

    negative temp sensor for the coolant
    change of oil and filter the day of (5W-50 is that correct?)
    o2 sensor
    new cap and rotor
    new ign coil.

    I'm thinking of:
    new spark plugs
    new airfilter?
    that guaranteed to pass smog crap?

    what am I missing here? are there any tricks with this motor to get it to pass?

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    DO all the above.
    Get he engine really hot and do some redline runs before.
    Don't wait in line, go when it is not busy
    Get the valves adjust with the TB's and then set base idle.

    The only reason these cars will not pass is poor maintaince.

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