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Exhaust Manifold nuts & bolts

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  • Exhaust Manifold nuts & bolts

    Looking for confirmation: where the manifold connects with the block, aren't there studs with nuts holding it all together? And... 4 on each for a total of 16?

    PN (each):
    Exhaust Manifold Stud 11 12 1 312 096
    Exhaust Manifold Nut 11 62 1 304 755

    That sound familar to you? I'm sorta planning on replacing at least the nuts since I think I'm missing one or two (gasp!). Should I do the studs too? I'm hoping to avoid having this become a highly involved process. Any helpful hints on tackling this job?

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    Well from exirionce , its a vary big pain to get them off and back on in the car , check to see if you are missing any and alsow if any of the studs fell out ,thay have that problem , and if any are missing be vary carfull when puting new ones in , for the ones that are intacket , leave them alone for the other ones if studs needed wich most likely thay will be going on the nuts are copper locking nuts , so thay cant realy back off , when puting new ones in use blk lock tight and somhing to tighten down the stud befor instaling the nut , good luck man. oh and you might have to remove the coolent pipe that runs right ubove the header to make it easyer for you .


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      If you are going to spend the money and want soemthing that will NEVER fall off get these....

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